"Instrumental virtuosity

balanced by a breezy, backwoods soul"

2nd Place Winners of the 2015 FreshGrass Festival Duo Competition!
Sharon Martinson and David Huebner played together for the first time at a crowded jam on the backporch of a friend's cabin, and she immediately said "I want to sing with you." But it was another two years before chance allowed them to discover the wonderful sound of just their two instruments and voices together.

Since that fateful moment in 2010, they have performed 100s of shows across 35 U.S. States, including visits to Canada and England, on renown stages such as the Vancouver Folk Music Festival and Oregon Country Fair, to regional festivals such as the FreshGrass Festival in Massachusets, the Father's Day Bluegrass Festival in California, the Red Ants Pants Festival in Montana, the Beartrap Summer Festival in Wyoming, and Pickamania in New Mexico to name just a few. They've performed live on numerous radio stations such as KPIG, KPFA, KPFK, WDVX, Wyoming Public Radio, and even had tracks rebroadcasted on the famous Grateful Dead Hour.

"They are aptly compared to Gillian Welch and David Rawlings. Both Huebner and Martinson are superb players with an instinctive command of timing. Their voices are tuneful in that Harry Smith Anthology kind of way; while their songs are close cousins to bluegrass music, the cello gives Aaron Copland-esque weight to the skittering banjo sound and envelopes it in a fluidity rare in traditional folk."
Linda Ray, Tucson Weekly

Who needs anything else when you sound as good as these two do. Good Times, Santa Cruz, CA

Tour Dates

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House Concert
Sheridan, WY
Park House
Denver, CO
9:30pm Whiskeygrass Wednesdays
Cervantes Other Side
Denver, CO
9:00 pm w/ Blackberry Bushes
Studio WYO
Laramie, WY
7:00pm w/ Dauphin
Freight & Salvage
Berkeley, CA
8:00 pm Banjo Babes Revue
Don Quixote's
Felton, CA
TBD Banjo Babes Revue


"Listening to a Littlest Birds album is like walking into an antique shop and gradually realizing something is amiss: The elegant pieces of furniture are so unmarred they might be new; they even smell that way. The pages of the period calendar on the wall aren’t yellowed. Despite the decades-old date, it’s apparently new as well. Then when you look out at the street scene through the showroom glass, the 2013 cars you just left have been replaced by a mix of Packards, Buicks, and Aston-Martins from the 1930s." - Dale Short, Beartrap Summer Festival, Casper WY
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