Panama Girl Scout Concert.jpgPlay It Forward was born from the inspiration and vision of Sharon Martinson's dream to make musical performances more consequential and meaningful. With years of experience touring, and countless performances, Sharon realized that the audiences were the most important part of every show, but that they comprised a small slice of potential listeners. Many times, those least able to attend a concert, for myriad reasons, were those most in need of music. Sharon's dream was to make every effort to Play It Forward, to bring music to those people. Buoyed by the early support of fans, fellow musicians, and several donors, Sharon started building concert tours that focused on bringing music to those in need. She has committed to this dream, already playing in nursing homes, hospitals, rural schools, and soup kitchens. Her goal is to play for those most in need in all 50 states, and then to take Play It Forward overseas, and to bring music to refugees.

soup kitchen playing.jpgPlay It Forward is now recognized under the 501(c)3 of the Wyoming Arts Alliance, and is sponsored by The Wyoming Arts Council, and the National Endowment for the Arts. There are many opportunities to be involved in this community-based non-profit, sharing the joy of music with those who need it most. Please contact if you wish to have more information about Play It Forward, or if you would like to suggest a place for a concert for those in need.

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