As many of you know, this year has been one of recovery and rebuilding, grounding and establishing, and now, looking forward and coming up from the ashes. My most overwhelming feeling is one of gratitude to all the friends and family who not just stood by me, but who held me, then walked with me, and now, once again, are launching me forward. As such, Phoenix Rising will be the culmination of so much, and my first true expression of myself, which at the core is joy coming from a grateful heart.

Instead of launching this CD by getting as many big shows and festivals as possible, I've got a plan to bring this music to the people. I will play across all 50 states during the coming two years, and my goal is to perform in a nursing home, a veteran's hospital, a prison, a soup kitchen, a school, and in an outdoor place (state or national park), and in each state, find a band that is female focused to share at least one of the shows.  I will also continue to run my WPR show, Wyoming Sounds, and each week, highlight music from a different state, as I travel through it.

This Non-Profit tour is called Play It Forward, and will be seeking sponsors for different states and concerts. If you or a business you know is interested in being part of Play It Forward in your community contact me directly at Donations are tax deductible through the Wyoming Arts Alliance.